I'm Lisa Hurley, and this is a little about me.

Outdoor, sunshine, dog loving, former military (Go Navy!), Pixel Pushing Creative.

I share my studio with two Australian Shepherds and a Border Collie. All three spend their days laying under or around my desk watching me push pixels around. That's when they're not playing frisbee, bugging me to play more frisbee, wrestling or nudging me for treats of course.


Purdue University

B.S. Computer & Information Technology

US Navy

Graphics Specialist Course

US Navy

Leadership, Management, Educational Training (LMET)

Career History

Freelance Graphic & Web Designer

HurleyStudios, LLC

Corporate Communications Manager & Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer

City of San Diego

Graphic Designer (E5)

United States Navy

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Dedicated Home Office

A Room with a View

My dedicated home office is a spot I believe anyone would really enjoy working in. ( Okay, well...you probably have to be a dog and nature lover. If you enjoy having your chair surrounded by dogs, with at least one laying on your toes keeping your feet warm, and wooded views all around, THEN you would enjoy working in my office. )

Centrally located in our home, with plenty of light, windows and space for all of my equipment. There's no fighting my way through rush hour traffic to spend the day in a generic cubicle. I'm super fortunate that I get to grab my coffee and stroll into my comfy office and go straight to work.

Private, quiet, and with zero commute time. As a morning person I love that I can easily blast through 4 to 5 hours of work before most have had their second cup o' joe and made it through their inbox.

  • Dedicated, 1GB, Fiber Optic Internet Line
  • Adobe CS 6: Illustrator, Photoshop, inDesign, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, After Effects, PremierePro, Acrobat Pro. Apple: xCode, Keynote, iMovie, Pages, Numbers, GarageBand. Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint. Microsoft OneNote. Coda 2, Brackets, Sketch
  • 15" MacBook Pro with Cinema Display, 27" iMac with Cinema Display, iPhone, iPad
  • HP Laserjet 6mp B/W Laser Printer, Canon Pro 100 Series Wide Format Printer, Espon 9A178A (Artisan 830) Printer/Scanner
  • 30" RotoTrim
  • A pretty cool, solid wood, refinished, antique drafting desk. (Yep, it still gets used.)

Some Fun Stuff

What did you read as a kid?

There are some books you read as a kid, that really stick with you throughout your life. I read the works of Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, Arthur Conan Doyle and many, many others. Yet these 5 books were my childhood favorites, and the ones that have a very special place in my heart.

  • Watership Down
  • All Creatures Great and Small
  • All Things Bright and Beautiful
  • All Things Wise and Wonderful
  • The Lord God Made Them All

Chalkboard Wall

I created a chalkboard wall in my office and periodically change it up for the holidays or whenever the muse strikes. The pics below are a few of my favorites.


A couple of signs I've handmade. The Peace sign is one I created as part of my home decor. The Welcome sign is one I made for my nephew and his wonderful bride. They asked me to make them one that they could use at their wedding and then hang in their home afterwards.

Holiday Table

My shabby chic, homemade Christmas table all dressed and ready for hosting our extended family. A real pleasure for both myself and my husband. We've modified the table each year to make it larger and it's now 12' x 18', and our gatherings have grown to 18 people and 6 dogs. Chaos...yes. Fun...YES!

Holiday Table - The Inside Story

My husband and I really wanted to host our extended family for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. I was determined to have EVERYONE sit around one big table (no kiddie tables since all the youngsters are all grown up). So my "creative solution" was to go shabby chic using materials we already have.

We cleared our lot by hand, taking down over 150 trees. We saved the very best ones until the end and had them "lumbered" on site, giving us several stacks of terrific lumber of varying wood and sizes that I've been able to use for lots of different projects (with ideas for many more).

Here, my husband and his brother (a pilot who happened to be in town for a couple of nights) are assembling the table. We had our neighbor (with a woodshop in his basement) plane some of our planks and we "build" a table with these, and then set them on top of some plastic tables to create, what has now gown into, our 12' x 18' Holiday Table. (And yes, we do some furniture re-arranging to clear out our family room for this.)

To transform the assembled table, I gather free greenery from Lowes (readily available trimmings when they're selling Christmas trees), pinecones from wherever, lots of inexpensive strings of lights, table runners I've made from clearance fabric, and top it off with fresh flowers, which transforms our pile of lumber into one big family table that everyone loves.

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